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Sea Flora :: Potent Sea Kelp Facial Masque

sea flora - sea kelp facial mask

A revitalizing and nourishing masque that reduces inflammation and redness. Complexion is balanced and clarified leaving skin hydrated and fresh.

Sea Flora :: Sea Kelp

sea flora sea kelp

A lightweight, hydrating moisturizer that smoothes, hydrates and firms skin. Helps to increase collagen and elastin and stimulates cellular repair.

Wil – Greetings From Home


Bobby Lax and the Grade School Gourmets


Join Chef Bobby Lax as he shakes up the Wickaninnish Community Schools kitchen with the up and coming chefs of the west coast! The Clayoquot Bioshpere Trust and the Tofino Ucluelet Culinary Guild present an inside look at the cooking and teaching skills of our very own Bobby Lax.

The kids learn about spot prawns, cooking for themselves and even a little bit about sustainable food and the cost of transportation in the food industry.

This is a great program and we look forward to your feedback and support.

Keep the kids fed and healthy!

The Priest Who Left His Religion – John Shields


Follow the story of an ordained Catholic Priest who, with courage and self-compassion, shares his arduous struggle to make the shift from religion to spirituality.

Shields enters life as a Layman at the age of 31 with $30 in his pocket, but quickly adapts to his new life and becomes a leader of the Canadian labour movement. During the most intense crisis of his career, he uncovered an inner mythology operating in his subconscious, which intensified his search for spirituality and higher consciousness.
As he examines his own life, John tells how the findings of science convinced him that spirituality is rooted in the universe. He shows us a sentient cosmos where everything is interlinked, conscious and purposeful.

Inspired by the science that confirms the foundation of his present spirituality, Shields leads the reader to welcome the union between science and spirit.