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Art for an Oil Free Coast


In the summer of 2012, fifty of BC’s most celebrated artists took a journey up the coast, into the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. Five-hundred kilometres north of Vancouver is a wild coastline: Home to the Spirit Bear and whales, wolf packs and grizzlies, First Nations and coastal communities. With the looming threat of a proposed oil pipeline and hundreds of oil tankers a year, it is a magical place on edge.

This film, ART FOR AN OIL FREE COAST, shares the story of a Raincoast Conservation Foundation expedition into a stunning and remote landscape, weaving together the artists’ work and their emotional response to a people and a region at risk.

Cherry Point Estate Wines


Double Gold Ortega. Please enjoy this brief introduction to an amazing vinyard here on Vancouver Island. Support B.C. wines and come and see us!

Julie Robinson :: Project Monster Studios

project monster

Project Monster Studios is a art studio/ gallery featuring mostly the bold, colourful west coast artwork of the owner Julie Robinson. This unique gallery space is shared with working designer Lisa Jewell, creating a new gallery experience in Tofino! Come visit “the Studio House” for the biggest selection of locally made art and the coolest T-shirts in Town!

Sea Flora :: Iridaea Exfoliator

sea flora - iridaea

A gentle scrub that keeps skin smooth and radiant by polishing away dead skin cells. Vitality and circulation is improved. Epidermis is smooth and clear and signs of aging are reduced.

Sea Flora :: Eye-Sea Relief Moisturizer

sea flora - eye sea

A highly concentrated eye gel that reduces fine lines around delicate eye area. Helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. Leaves skin plump and vibrant.